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The podcast for women to awaken their true feminine selves and embody a life full of pleasure, purpose & prosperity.

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    As a human being, it’s impossible to live in this world without getting traumatised. Because trauma is not the event itself but rather how that event makes us feels. But good news! Trauma is not a life sentence. Which is why I’m so passionate about sharing everything I know so you too can heal and start living a life that embodies your true essence.
    As women, it’s very common for us to be living in a freeze response and/or living in our heads and completely out of our bodies. This happens a lot from unprocessed trauma and sexual abuse. Hell, even the media makes us feel terrible if we’re not a victoria secret model! In my podcast, I will teach you ways to get back into that beautiful body of yours so you can start feeling all the juicy things life has to offer you. Our bodies are our greatest portals to the divine, where anything is possible. Being in your body opens your world up to limitless possibilities.
    This is far beyond just being sensual in the bedroom. I love to bring in sensuality and pleasure into every aspect of my life to create a life that is aligned with me. From doing my accounts wearing lingerie, or dancing naked in the mirror to The Weeknd as I wait for my food to cook. There is so many ways we can bring in more sensuality and play into our everyday.
    You can co-create a life full of pleasure, prosperity and purpose with the universe, only if you believe it to be possible. From the ages of 0 – 7 we are constantly in a hypnotic theta brain wave state. Meaning we soak in all the good u0026amp; bad programs we learn from our childhood. So if you’re currently facing any blocks emotionally, physically or spiritually there is a chance that your subconscious created this for you based on what you believe to be true. Change your beliefs, change your life.

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Hello beautiful, I’m Carlie Jade

I started the Find Your Feminine Podcast quite simply because I was on a journey back to my feminine self. After many years of living in a wounded feminine state, I finally found the true me. I teach and share stories based on my own experience hopefully to inspire you to welcome in more pleasure, play, life force energy, sensuality and embodiment into your life! As well as interviewing thought leaders from across the globe on how they too, found their feminine.

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