Join us for a transformational 3 month group healing journey turning your deepest pains into embodied orgasmic bliss 

The reality is..

An orgasmic life starts with orgasmic BELIEFS 

No matter how many times you use a crystal dildo to find your pleasure, if your beliefs aren't aligned you'll never discover your full orgasmic bliss. Our pleasure starts in our minds. And most of us don't have very supportive beliefs about our sexuality so it acts as a cap on top of our ecstasy.

If you desire to dive deeper into your bliss, to have mind blowing orgasms, then you must change the programs and beliefs that are keeping you a perpetual state of numbness and pain.

V.I.P. is for the woman who is ready to be uncaged & awaken to her true sexuality as liberated woman.

It's time to heal your relationship with your divine feminine body

Beautiful Soul, is this you?

You’re stuck in a constant state of numbness in your body & yoni.

Sex & self pleasure feels like a chore. Your work, friends, family & other commitments always seem to come before your pleasure and own needs.

You experience endometriosis, PCO’s, Infertility, PMS, painful sex, painful periods and/or other common feminine reproductive related illness’s within your body.

You're unable to process past traumas & abuse (Sexual, Emotional, Physical or Verbal) and your looking for deeper support.

You feel disembodied and out of touch with your sexuality, your intuition & menstrual cycle.

You feel like you’ve been fed a lie about your feminine body and ready to reclaim your truth and embody the power that lies within.

When you deep dive into your sexuality, you’re actually deep diving into your psychology and spirituality. It’s a mind, body and soul experience. 

very important pussy


  • Wildly turned on by your relationships, career, money and your whole external world.
  • Pleasure is simply your blueprint in which you live your life by.
  • You are magnetic to all of your desires dripping wet in orgasmic bliss.
  • Life is filled with so much more ease than ever before & your free from creating your own suffering.
  • You feel at peace with your past traumas and finally ready to live in alignment with your truth.
  • You’ve healed your physical illnesses all through the power of your mind, body and soul. You are your own divine healer.
  • You’ve awakened to so much pleasure in your body and sex is no longer a chore.
  • You welcome your menstrual cycle each month with love and feel so connected to your intuitive gifts and wisdom as a woman.



10 x Modules of teachings

At the start of each new week you will be delivered a fresh new batch of juicy transformational teachings and content to further guide you on your journey back into your body and into your true sexual liberation. Giving you the tools and resources to create your most orgasmic and turned on lives!

12 x 2 hr live Calls

Each week we will come together for a 2 hour live zoom call. Each week will be something entirely new. From trauma healing, to somatic embodiment, coaching, masterclasses and special guests. You’ll come out of each call with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Weekly Embodiment Practises & Healings

Each week I will release new embodiment practises, rituals, healings and hypnosis recordings that you can call upon throughout your journey whenever to further support you in reclamation journey.

Access to private telegram chat

This community will change your life gal. In between calls we keep in contact via telegram to share insights and thoughts. To allow yourself to be seen and held. Whatever you’re craving, feeling, desiring, this community is here to support you babe every step of the way.

For us to rise into the woman we came here to be, we have to shed the layers that keep us in our own suffering. The parts of us that get off on being a victim in our lives. The long list of programs & self sabotaging beliefs that keep us small.

V.I.P. is a portal for you to allow these parts of you to die, so you can rise into the woman you know you came here to be.

A truly magnetic radiant woman is a woman in touch with her rawest and most vulnerable emotions. She knows she is safe to feel & express the deepest parts of her. And through this she creates sweet sweet art for this world. She is the muse of her life, dripping wet in love and devotion.



JESSE - VIP 2022

VIP and even Carlie's presence in general mirrored so much back to me. What initially drew me to her was how she embodied her work. Some mentors I feel sometimes write or preach more than they have actually let settle in to their bodies yet, with Carlie I felt her presence encapsulated MORE than words could describe. My ability to slow down on calls, take my time, listen with my heart more than my mind, I feel were all mirrored from her. So many elements of this course were new concepts but I felt I could integrate them so easily. She makes the work feel like play. Also I loved the structure of VIP. Each module was so relevant, so fluid, and the application of her hypnosis recordings and guides to do on your own made the whole thing feel so immersive.

Carlie is truly a gift to this earth, she has the most beautiful aura and her energy is so uplifting and vibrant. There is no way that you can’t help but just love her! There are not enough words to describe the transformation I have experienced during this VIP course, the content throughout was sooo juicy! Honestly, the biggest thing Carlie has gifted me was help in finding my voice and identity again. I found love and confidence in myself which had been lost for many years. I am following what lights me up and through connection to my intuition I have found purpose and direction in my life/career. I have become a stronger and happier mother to my children and am learning to go with where my energy wants to flow. 

gabby - VIP 2021

VIP is by far one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. The last 9 weeks have been absolutely amazing and magical. Carlie is such a beautiful person and has the ability to see you and encourage you to embrace the best version of you. Over the last 9 weeks, I have felt amazing shifts in my life and learnt so much about myself. I gained the confident to find a new job that lights me up, embraced my most pleasure filled self and started to discover a new love for myself. And so much more! I started this course unsure about myself and who I was & didn’t know what to expect. I can honestly say every week surprised me, after every call I felt empowered, filled with excitement. arlie has created a beautiful and safe space for women to connect and support each other as we heal, find our purpose and embrace our inner goddess. VIP has been one of the most amazing experiences and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Jess - VIP 2021

I was feeling very lost and directionless, I knew there was a higher version of me somewhere but had no idea what she looked like or what she wanted. I was also still struggling to connect with my partner in sex and dealing with a lot of trauma and stuck energy. Since completing VIP I now have a clearer sense of who I want to be and how to show up as that woman. I no longer feel ashamed of my sexuality and my sexual energy, and I feel like I’m on the road to being limitless and abundant and living life to the fullest. If you're wanting to invest into VIP I would tell you that you’re in for a wild ride! It is the most incredible, eye opening, beautiful transformation and a wonderful journey to go on with a group of other girls. Truly life changing



For us to feel safe in our bodies as women, we have to step out of a fight, flight or freeze response and welcome sensation again. A lot of us store trauma within our bodies, unaware that this is the very thing that is keeping us from accessing our pleasure. Month one is all about healing from our pain and transforming our numbness into pleasure. The intention is to build a strong foundational base before we journey into the eros. 

Week one is about getting clear on who the most orgasmic version of you is. Having a clear intention for this container will ensure that you receive the most transformation possible.
- Introduction to Somatics + Breathwork
- Creating a ritual space 
- Meeting your sisterhood & Community
- Introduction to subconscious reprogramming




Sexual trauma includes sexual abuse but also anytime where you consented to sex when you weren't a full body yes. A lot of women experience numbness due to a complete disconnect to their pussys due to not listening to her subtle cues. Week 2 is all about healing from our past traumas and reprogramming our minds to reach deeper points of pleasure. Pain and suffering are most often the gateways and the initiation into our higher selves and higher purpose An orgasmic mind starts with orgasmic beliefs baby! 



Integrating Sexual Trauma

Inside week 3 we do a deep dive into your sacred menstrual cycle and natural fertility awareness methods. Understanding the natural rhythms of the female body and how to apply these to your sex, work, productivity, self care & life in general. Learn all the healthy practices to allow your pussy to thrive! *Cue WAP by Cardi B* 



Sacred Moon Cycle

Our integration weeks are here to allow you time to catch up on the previous weeks work, so you don't feel overwhelmed. Month one is very heavy on healing trauma and awakening your felt senses in your body. Instead of additional core module work and teachings, there will be 1 x group coaching call where students can receive additional support and integration from the transformational tools shared earlier this month. 





The becoming of the tantrica. Month two is about the embodiment and full liberated expression for being a turned on woman. Loaded with sacred practices all with the higher purpose of opening you up to the love and bliss this world has to offer you. You'll also learn how to take these teachings and apply them into your relationships, work, career and life as a whole. 

Learn the unique pleasure map of your pussy. This week we will be diving deeply into your pleasure anatomy. The sex class every woman should have received but didn't! Here we'll learn how to turn on your orgasms and awaken sensation internally and externally. You;ll also learn how to take this information into your sex life with your lover to create an explosion of chemistry.



pleasure anatomy + Sacred Union

This is where a lot of the neo tantric practises and embodiment come into play! We'll be learning about kundalini / chi energy and how to play with it for optimal arousal. Week 6 is all about your initiation into becoming a tantrica devoted to embodied pleasure.




Yoni Massage is the focus this week. Being able to de-armour and massage the yoni leads to optimal arousal, increased pleasure, heightened orgasms and lots of fun to do it solo or with a lover! Let's WORSHIP this portal between your legs! This week includes cervical de-armouring practises and learning how to articulate the pelvic floor. A healthy and strong pelvic floor is vital, definitely is you choose to / already have had children. 




Our integration weeks are here to allow you time to catch up on the previous weeks work, so you don't feel overwhelmed. Month two is loaded with tantric embodied practises to increase your pleasure. Instead of additional core module work and teachings, there will be 1 x group coaching call where students can receive additional support and integration from the transformational tools shared earlier this month. 



integration week


This is where I show you how your whole day can be a spiritual practise, a prayer, a ceremony. Month three is not just about the ability to orgasm. It’s how much you can surrender to all of life. Your physical experience, and fall madly in love with yourself and your life as a whole. We play with sex magic & manifestation. The perfect ending to an incredible 3 months!

The body is highly orgasmic, beyond what we can comprehend with the mind. And as you can guess by the name we are focussing on... orgasms. Yup, you guessed it. Let's look into energygasms, breastgasms, full body orgasms, goddess spot orgasms and so much more!




Learn the art of self seduction and adornment. Tantra for one is learning how to create a devotional temple night to make love to yourself. Very Important Pussy is all about YOU! Shower yourself in the love you desire. Once honouring yourself, the invitation is there to open up your ritual to other people in the space.



Tantra for one (or more)

The yoni egg practice is an ancient tantric tradition that allows women connect to their innate feminine essence by reconnecting them to their womb-space, their portal of creation and life-force energy. When a woman is anchored in her womb, she is calm, steady, present and grounded in her feminine body, rather than in her masculine, doing, thinking body. Through a regular egg practice you're able to ground into your body & awaken to your senses.



Yoni Egg Mastery

Now that we've spent the past 3 months turning on your bliss, you'll now learn how to use this magnetic feminine energy to attract in your wildest dreams. A woman in her unapologetic power and turned on by life is an incredible manifestor. 



sex magic



10 modules of teachings, powerful transmissions, subconscious reprogramming, sexual healings and embodiment practices all with the higher purpose of guiding you back to yourself & your pussy.

Exclusive access to an incredible life changing sisterhood inside Telegram Messenger



apply now




apply now



All the inclusions of the program


2 x 3 hour Hypnotherapy 1:1 session
4 x 1  hour coaching calls
Private telegram chat (12 weeks)
+ a gifted glass yoni wand

3 or 6 month payment plans AVAILABLE


WE BEGIN ON THE 17th of April


I like to wait until everyone is inside to make sure we can come to an agreement with times so the majority of the group can join. In the past my calls are usually around 3pm- 8pm PDT / PST.

when are the live calls hosted?

Yes, all of the live calls are recorded and will be uploaded to the kajabi portal around 24 hours after. They will be uploaded for 1 year so you can go rewatch at any time.



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"Adaptogen kogi try-hard 8-bit kitsch pinterest. Lo-fi kale chips tbh, messenger bag vexillologist iceland butcher chicharrones kitsch four dollar toast everyday carry biodiesel narwhal."


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