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The Find your Feminine Podcast hosted by Tantric Hypnotherapist Carlie Jade explores taboo topics of the modern world to expand the minds of her listeners. Carlie believes that a world where women embody their feminine truth, is a world full of pleasure, purpose & prosperity. We all have a wild women inside of us, and now is the time to reawaken her so we all can become the modern day goddess.


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There is a wild feminine being within us all craving to be untamed.

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Dive deeper into all of the taboo topics of sex, love, relationships & embodied healing.

Learn ways in which you can step more into your feminine & divine masculine for embodied union

Carlie is an amazing, knowledgeable and genuine RTT practitioner who’s so passionate about helping women! Her podcast feels like you’re chatting with your bestie. Highly recommend xx

Rebecca Ruhle

Just love this honest & positive reflection on 2020 so far. Excited for what else is to come in this podcast!!



Carlie Jade - Creator of Tantric Hypnotherapy 

Beyond the titles I give myself, at the end of the day I am a woman who just wants the best for humanity. My work aspires to guide others back to their true limitless and abundant self. We get one previous short beautiful life. Let's make it pleasurable and full of love! What do we have to lose?

Meet the host.

Hypnotherapist, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Friend, Fiance & Fur-mum.

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