The art of healing trauma, reprogramming the mind and becoming embodied as your full liberated feminine self.

Where the mind & body come together in perfect union.

A new way of trauma healing.

Tantric Hypnotherapy is a hybrid blend of the feminine somatics of tantra & the masculine healing of subconscious reprogramming. If you are numb to pleasure, then there is a belief embedded deep within your subconscious that is keeping you disembodied and out of touch with your divine feminine. 

Pleasure and pain are on opposite ends of the same spectrum and the thing that determines what is pleasurable vs what is painful is your beliefs. And if you struggle to feel pleasure there is a good chance that you have a program that you picked up somewhere in your childhood that is causing this block. 

Once we heal your beliefs, your body will feel safe again to dive into the deepest depths of your orgasmic bliss and embodied pleasure. 

As a woman, it is your birthright to feel pleasure.
But first our bodies must feel safe in order for us to open & receive.

Tantric hypnotherapy 

Who is this method of healing designed for?

At the end of the day, Tantric Hypnotherapy is beneficial for any woman or vulva owner who desires to heal from her past, to feel safe in her body again & open herself up to limitless amounts of bliss and pleasure. Once we reclaim our sexuality, the world opens and we can begin finally start living as the embodied feminine being you know you came on this earth to be.


For the woman ready to reclaim her sexuality

Strap in babe, we are going to go on a journey. 

What does a hypnotherapy session look like?

Like most hypnotherapy sessions we are still accessing the subconscious through putting clients in a deep meditative and theta like state. However tantric hypnotherapy has an added benefit of releasing stuck energy and trauma through the somatics of breath, sound and movement.

So I will get a client into a deep meditative state, this is really easy to do and accessible for everyone (even if you’re new to meditation). Once we have accessed the theta state of the mind, we now have access to all of the clients memories, from their past lives, inside the womb, from the moment they are born up until this present day. Even though you're not consciously aware of it, your body & subconscious recall everything that has ever happened to you (crazy, eh!). 

Then I take the client back to 3 or 4 scenes that have to do with where the root of their issue stemmed from. Note how I say root issue, this means the very first time they created a new neural pathway and belief that limited them as a response to a traumatic event. The root issue doesn’t necessarily mean the most traumatic.

However trauma is created through how we perceive ourselves after a traumatic event, not the actual event itself. Which is why only the individual can determine what is traumatic for them & no one else. And why two people who experienced the same trauma may walk away completely different with 2 opposite perspectives & stories to tell.  

Inside the session, your mind will show you the very first time that this limiting subconscious belief or trauma was embedded into your subconscious and the reason as to why you feel disembodied and blocked today.

These might be scenes that you're consciously aware of or not. But the most incredible thing is the client sees the scenes themselves, makes the connections themselves and this is why the transformation is so incredible. Because at this moment they become their own healer. They are no longer looking externally for someone to “fix” them. They take back their power by feeling what is and seeing with their own eyes that they were never broken to begin with. 

When we enter a scene, this is the time when we are healing traumas or letting go of any limiting beliefs that weren’t yours to begin with. I incorporate breath, sound and movement inside the session to make sure you are releasing any stuck emotions somatically as well as cognitively.

At the end of the day all trauma is, is stuck emotions. Your emotions need to be in-motion, however something happened in your life that you didn’t have the tools to process at the time so you suppressed the intense sensations within your body. But the body never forgets or as Bessel van der Kolk would say “The Body keeps the Score”. 

Let me paint you a picture of how a typical session might look like

Tantric hypnotherapy is all about feeling the very things that you have been suppressing, possibly for your whole life. And doing this somatic work whilst in a hypnotic state allows you to have access to scenes you wouldn't normally have access to if you were conscious and “awake”. The power of seeing the scenes is that not only are we closing trauma cycles but we get the answers we’ve always been looking for. By going back to the memories of your past, it allows you to see things for what they really are using your fully developed adult mind. As a lot of our traumas & original programming happened as a child. As children we misinterpret, make assumptions and don’t really understand what’s truly happening. When we are alone with our emotions it can feel like too much so we keep our pain trapped in our bodies for no one to see.

It's 100% your responsibility to heal and create a life that you want by design. To not longer let your old & outdated beliefs dictate your reality. Just like how we update our iphone software every few years, we need to be doing this with our minds as well. So why are you walking around with outdated programs? It’s time to update them girl!

So the first half of the session we are talking, sounding, breathing and moving a lot. Sometimes clients feel anger, or sadness and fear. Whatever is present as we close these loops and feel fully what emotion is present, the client will feel safer to be within their own body. 

Once we have felt the emotions, healed the trauma and the client is starting to feel more embodied and liberated again we then move onto the personalized hypnosis recording.The mind learns by repetition, and the focus of the session is to take out any beliefs and programs we don’t want, but then we need to replace it with empowering and positive beliefs we do want. So for the 21 days following the tantric hypnotherapy session, the client will be given a personalized hypnosis recording (which is recorded during the session) to listen to once a day. This recording has a core focus on your future self, becoming the most abundant, free and liberated version of yourself & creating the life of your dreams here in the 3d reality.

To have an incredible life, means you have to truly love yourself and tell yourself beautiful beliefs on a daily basis. 

In addition, my coaching calls for my 1:1 clients are more focused around the somatics of tantra. Exploring sensations through breath, sound and movement and providing support in between hypnotherapy sessions. It’s personalized to each individual as everyone is so unique and has different things arise each week that can't be predetermined. My containers are very deep, vulnerable, personal and not for a faint hearted. They are for women who are really ready to face the deepest points of their truth. 

But as adults, it’s our job to become the loving parents to our inner childs again.

Your reality is created through the words you tell yourself on a daily basis. 

The body is the pathway to spiritual enlightenment.
The mind is the masculine container that takes us there.

Tantric hypnotherapy 

How tantric hypnotherapy was created

When I first started hypnotherapy, the results that my clients were receiving from one single session were simply out of this world. I had clients who have been diagnosed with clinical anxiety and depression, free themselves from this pain in one single session.

I had clients after many failed IVF attempts and miscarriages, conceive and give birth just from the healing they experienced from a session with me.

I have hundreds of success stories and each one left me in goosebumps. The power of the mind is truly incredible and is something to be felt and experienced at least once in your lifetime!

However, after about a year of practicing hypnotherapy, I found Tantra and everything changed. It was the missing piece that I was deeply searching for in many ways. In my own healing story, hypnotherapy allowed me to close any outdated & old trauma cycles. Through accessing the mind I had healed my past & seen where I had absorbed limiting subconscious beliefs that kept me from being in my full liberated power. And once I felt safe again in my body, the teachings of Tantra awakened me to my divine feminine. I got to a point where I could only go so far with my mind, and when I introduced tantra to my rituals, the healing I experienced became somatic. Combining the mind and body created a holistic healing method that revolutionized my life, and this was the beginning of Tantric Hypnotherapy as we know it today. 

I noticed in my own healing journey that because I had already healed my trauma through accessing the mind, the somatic embodiment of tantra felt good to invite in. I was able to sound, move and breathe in a way my body had always desired me to. And I know I wouldn’t have felt safe to explore these deeper parts of myself, unless I had healed my traumas first. 

I came to discover that through accessing my subconscious mind, I was then able to go deeper into my body. If I had just gone into the body, without healing my mind first, I don’t think I would have been able to really let myself fully surrender. Through tantra I have been able to allow myself to reach deeper points of bliss, limitless and total oneness, and hypnotherapy had a huge part in allowing me to get there.

During my own hypnosis sessions, I became aware of many programs & beliefs I had created around my own pleasure. From my childhood I had formed a belief that feeling pleasure and expressing my sexuality was not safe. I had created beliefs that it was not appropriate for me to feel my emotions. And in so many ways I had numbed myself from feeling. Clearing these beliefs made exploring tantra much less traumatizing as old memories were no longer bubbling up to the surface everytime I wanted to dive into my sexuality and feminine sensual expression. 

I really see that true embodiment happens when the mind is quiet. However if we have so many traumas and limiting beliefs that constantly play on repeat we’re not ever going to allow ourselves to go as deep as we desire. It’s all about allowing the mind and body to work together, in a perfect union for you to invite in spiritual enlightenment and expansion. 

Tantric Hypnotherapy

Private Coaching

1, 3 or 6 month containers available for purchase

Private 1:1 telegram chat for support in between sessions.

Personalised packages created for each individual

Opening + Closing ceremonies to initiate and close the container

Weekly coaching calls, somatic healing & monthly Hypnosis Sessions

Access to all self paced courses including V.I.P

Personalised gift + yoni egg to assist with at home practises

Exclusive access into anything I launch during our time together

A combination of subconscious reprogramming & tantric somatic embodiment for deep healing for long lasting transformation


Absolutely, a lot of my clients have never meditated before and have a fantastic experience in hypnosis. We are in hypnosis everyday as we wake and as we go to bed. It's something we are used to just unconsciously aware of.

Would this still work if I'M not FAMILIAR with meditation?

Sexual trauma  is why I created this style of healing. Absolutely, your trauma is never a life sentence and I create a save space for you to process it all and rise from it.

Is this type of therapy BENEFICIAL if i have sexual trauma?

Yes, in fact I would say 90% of my sessions are done online. I do offer in person sessions if you are in the Vancouver, BC area upon application. 

Can i do a session online?

Usually up to about 3 hours. I don't finish a session until my client has received what they came for and we've healed the trauma and released any stuck pain from the body.

How long does a single session last?





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"Adaptogen kogi try-hard 8-bit kitsch pinterest. Lo-fi kale chips tbh, messenger bag vexillologist iceland butcher chicharrones kitsch four dollar toast everyday carry biodiesel narwhal."


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