I'm Carlie Jade.

Welcome beautiful soul, 

Tantric Hypnotherapist, Healer& Sacred Artist of Life


Let's make the impossible, possible.

You can either let your traumas run your life or you can choose to make art with them

welcome to the art of healing

A new way of trauma healing has been born. Our trauma is no longer something that stops us from living, it's the very thing we need to experience to become the most authentic versions of ourselves. Trauma brings us into the deepest sense of surrender. It is not a life sentence, rather it's just the beginning of your incredible story & I can't wait to see what magic you create in this lifetime.

I am a mentor & guide for women who desire to heal from their past traumas, become embodied & awaken to their true feminine expression

carlie jade

Beautiful one, You WERE born to have an orgasmic life

It's time to get radically honest with yourself

If so, you've arrived in the right place.


You feel numb from past traumas in your life and have trouble opening your heart up to receive love.

You're never satisfied & always chasing the next best thing in the hope that it will make you feel something.

Sex and being in your pleasure feels like a chore & you have trouble prioritising yourself.

You feel unsafe to be in your full feminine expression and operate from the wounded masculine predominantly. 

You're existing and living by default rather than creating the life of your dreams.

You know there is more to life than your current reality and you craving guidance on learning how to step into your full unapologetic power


1:1 Mentorship & Healing

Very limited spots available. This is for the woman who is ready to dive into her traumas, become her own healer and to create a revolution in her life. 


Hypnotherapy Sessions

Recommended for one particular issue. Available online or in-person, includes a  3 hour hypnotherapy healing + reprogramming session + Hypnosis MP3


Online Education & Group Programs

Dive deeper into your pleasure, purpose and prosperity through my signature online courses. Self paced + live group programs available for purchase. 


In-Person Events and Retreats

I offer in person events in Vancouver plus international retreats. Sign up to my mailing list to be notified first for any new offerings. 


Here is how I can help

14 days to ecstasy

Your fourteen day initiation into alchemising numbness & pain into pleasure & turn-on through the wild expression of feminine embodiment and full body devotion into unconditional love.

Open for enrollment now


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Let me show you life after trauma healing

Beyond the titles I give myself, at the end of the day I am a woman who just wants the best for humanity. My work aspires to guide others back to their true limitless and abundant self. We get one previous short beautiful life. Let's make it pleasurable and full of love! What do we have to loose?


Hypnotherapist, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Friend, Fiance & Fur-mum.

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Create a beautiful life for yourself, I dare you.

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