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Ways to work with me

I offer a series of containers and different ways to work with me depending on what your craving. My work is for the woman that’s ready to take the next leap, to jump into the deep end and fully embody her truth.

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V.I.P [Very Important Pussy]

V.I.P is my signature 3 month program that encompasses healing of the mind body and soul so you can step into your truth. It’s for the woman who is craving to be supported and empowered by a small group of sisters and to be really seen and heard. From healing childhood traumas, breathwork, screaming into pillows to dancing with ecstasy and finding your true purpose and mission in this life, this course has it all!

Fire & Desire – A 21 day protocol to uncover your purpose

For the women who are longing for more..
More love – More Purpose
This is for the women who know that there is more to life than what is in their current reality.
For the women who are stuck in a victim mentality and ready to take soul aligned action to create a life wilder than their wildest dreams.
The women who desire to be in deep service in this world.

Devotion – The Membership

This is a deep initiation into a transformational sisterhood. Inside Devotion we meet bi-weekly online where I facilitate group healing sessions and masterclasses that are nothing short of amazing. If you’re wanting to get a little taste of my work, I highly recommend you start here.

Work with me 1:1

I offer 1:1 mentoring for a select few of femme leaders in business & life. As I believe our purpose plays a big part in our truths, I mentor women who are desiring to bring in more abundance, freedom, pleasure and play into their life through their unique gifts and talents they’ve been gifted. My business has been such a safe masculine container for me to fully express the full spectrum of myself and I want to show other women how to do the same.

Kind Words

Madison Hawes says…

“Working with Carlie was the best investment I’ve ever made! “


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To find pleasure is to go through pain. One doesn’t exist without the other. We can’t grow and evolve into the version of ourselves we desire if we’re not ready to feel the depths of pain. This work isn’t for the faint hearted. To journey into the soul and embody all of our deepest shadows and traumas is the only way out. If you desire more pleasure, love and ecstasy in your life, first we have to find what is blocking you in the first place. I believe pleasure is the portal to living the life of your dreams.


My work helps healers and entrepreneurial leaders to uncover the true versions of themselves. Not what society expects of them, but rather who they are at their core under the societal conditioning and programs. Your purpose is not outside of yourself, all of your talents and gifts are already within. Your purpose is something that needs to be remembered, not taught. So I welcome you into my world if you’re ready for an awakening into your divine truth. The power that is already within is exactly what this world needs.


Prosperity isn’t just about money, it’s about living a rich life in every way. How you do sex, is how you do life. And your relationship with money is also a direct reflection of your relationship with sex. It’s all connected my love, there’s no hiding. Following the path of the feminine will bring great awareness to your darkest shadows as quite often the missing pieces of your prosperity lies in the depths of your insecurities.