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Very Important Pussy

Join us for a transformational 3 month group healing journey of death, rebirth and true erotic liberation.

Are you ready to embark on the most wild ride of your life?

Beautiful, is this you?

  • You’re stuck in a constant state of numbness in your body & yoni.
  • Sex & self pleasure feels like a chore. Your work, friends, family & other commitments always seem to come before your pleasure and own needs.
  • Unable to process past traumas & abuse (Sexual, Emotional, Physical or Verbal) and your looking for deeper support.
  • You experience endometriosis, PCO’s, Infertility, PMS, painful sex, painful periods and/or other common feminine reproductive related illness’s within your body.
  • You feel disembodied and out of touch with your sexuality, your intuition & menstrual cycle.
  • You feel like you’ve been fed a lie about your feminine body and ready to reclaim your truth and embody the power that lies within.

very important pussy

The pussy is the portal to your spiritual enlightenment


Time until our first live call:

Beautiful soul,

Imagine a world where you…

  • Are wildly turned on by your relationships, career, money and your whole external world.
  • Pleasure is simply your blueprint in which you live your life by.
  • You are magnetic to all of your desires dripping wet in orgasmic bliss.
  • Life is filled with so much more ease than ever before & your free from creating your own suffering.
  • You feel at peace with your past traumas and finally ready to live in alignment with your truth.
  • You’ve healed your physical illness’s all through the power of your mind, body and soul. You are your own divine healer.
  • You’re awakened to so much pleasure in your body and sex is no longer a chore.
  • Welcome your menstrual cycle each month with love and feel so connected to your intuitive gifts and wisdom as a woman.

Carlie is truly a gift to this earth
There is no way that you can’t help but just love her! There are not enough words to describe the transformation I have experienced during this VIP course, the content throughout was sooo juicy! Honestly, the biggest thing Carlie has gifted me was help in finding my voice and identity again. I found love and confidence in myself which had been lost for many years. The live coaching and group calls are truly magic! I feel grateful to have shared this incredible 9 weeks with a circle of inspiring women that will always hold a special place in my heart.
V.I.P 2021
Gabby F.
I loved the deep sisterhood
The biggest highlight for me was showing up each week with the most amazing group of women!

To hear them and to be listened to by them, it was really something special. Celebrating each others wins, supporting each others hardships.

Each week and each masterclass was so unique and it was so special to be part of such a supportive group of women, all going through our own unique journeys.
V.I.P 2021
V.I.P was everything I needed
V.I.P was everything I needed !!
I enjoyed the hypnosis & discovering my pleasure blueprint. Before I started, I was waking up with night terrors & energetically at a low point. I felt drained.
Now, I’m blooming wildly & unapologetically I have answers I didn’t know I needed & the permission slip to choose me.
If you are thinking about discovering or rediscovering the connection with yourself. This is for you !This course is for the Woman who wants to submerge herself in healing & growth
I whole heartily recommend
V.I.P 2021


Are you ready to enter the pussy portal?

Welcome to your death + rebirth

For us to rise into the woman we came here to be, we have to shed the layers that keep us in our own suffering. The parts of us that get off on being a victim in our lives. The long list of programs & self sabotaging beliefs that keep us small. VIP is a portal for you to allow these parts of you to die, so you can rise into the woman you know you came here to be.

A truly magnetic radiant woman is a woman in touch with her rawest and most vulnerable emotions. She knows she is safe to feel & express the deepest parts of her. And through this she creates sweet sweet art for this world. She is the muse of her life, dripping wet in love and devotion.

The Journey

Module 1: The Sweet Death

  • We enter the sacred death portal together. Allowing all of your deepest pains and traumas arise to the surface so they can be healed.
  • Learn how we create our own suffering and let me guide you back to your truth so you can find your own unapologetic power.
  • Learn where your sabotaging beliefs and blocks came from through the use of hypnosis. As well as reprogramming the mind to embody your higher self through subconscious reprogramming & quantum leaping.
  • Heal your body naturally through the power of your mind. Perfect for women who experience infertility, painful periods, PMS, Endo, PCOS etc.

Module 2: Healing the Inner Child

  • Become the loving parent to your inner child and heal life long traumas and wounds so you can rise into the woman you came here to be.
  • Go on a journey to discover your past lives and heal ancestral wounding.
  • Learn to dance with your shadows and witness the sacred gift in the darkness, pain and trauma we feel.
  • Become your own healer through opening the channels of communication with your body.
  • Cord cutting + healing past relationships so you can step into the future.

Module 3: Pleasure Revolution

  • Learn to true power and wisdom of your pussy through the sacred teachings of Pleasure Anatomy. It’s time to fall in love with your yoni!
  • Healing the masculine and feminine wound to feel more safe to receive
  • The Sacred Menstrual Cycle and all you need to know about our four inner seasons.
  • Natural Fertility Awareness Methods
  • Divine Feminine + Masculine Dynamics

Module 4: The Death Ceremony

  • Before we are reborn, we must let go of all the parts of us that are no longer in alignment with our truth. The parts of us that get off from being the victim, the trauma and pain we carry, the sabotaging programs we got from our parents and society + so much more. This week is a total closing to your past self and we will be hosting a ceremony to honour her before we enter month two: The Rebirth

Module 5: The Awakening

  • We’ve spent a month healing trauma and pain and now it’s time to awaken yourself to the pleasure centres in your body, bby.
  • Introduction to Tantric Philosophies and Taoist Teachings.
  • Somatic healing through sound, breathe and movement. Learn the natural rhythm of your body and how it wishes to express itself.
  • Falling in love with your pussy

Module 6: Tantrica

  • It’s time to surrender to your orgasmic bliss and pleasure that already lies within your body.
  • Let me show you how to awaken your pleasure centres through breast and yoni massage.
  • Yoni Egg practises + Yoni Articulation
  • Circulate sexual energy through your whole body with the microcosmic orbit as well as cultivating more life force energy with ovarian breath + other taoist practises.

Module 7: The Wild Woman

  • This module is all about the remembering. Getting back to your roots through ancient blood rituals & yoni steaming. Remembering your connection with the earth and embodying the wild woman archetype.
  • Cultivating a connection with the earth & your womb.
  • Healing the womb through breath, massage & conscious meditation.
  • The Cervix – Our great and holy teacher and pathway to the divine.
  • Pussy nourishment – Care for her through these healthy practises.

Module 8: Orgasmic

  • Learn the art of full body surrender & allow in orgasmic pleasure to flow in.
  • Honouring the Sacred Slut Archetype
  • Reprogramming the pussy to welcome in pleasure
  • Pelvic floor health and yoni articulation for a strong and orgasmic pussy

Module 9: Drippin’ wet

  • It’s time to create an orgasmic life dripping wet in devotion and love. Through the embodiment of your truth, this week we are integrating your highest self into your current reality. It’s time to quantum leap baby!
  • Being your own muse and becoming the artist of your life,

Module 10: Purpose + Prosperity

  • Let pussy lead you to your divine purpose and gifts for this life. You know you came here for a divine reason and you have gifts and talents to match. Let pussy guide you to what wants to be birthed through you into the physical 3d world.
  • Find your unique voice and flavour unlike anyone else’s by listening to the sweet whispers of your intuition.
  • When we follow our gifts and what lights us up, of course we become wildly abundant through the means of money + love. You only have one life, it’s time to life to the fullest! Ain’t no broke girl vibes here anymore.

Module 11: Devotion

  • What are you in devotion to? What is your why? It’s time to get crystal clear on the creations that are lighting your soul on fire.
  • Dating yourself, becoming your own best lover.
  • Manifesting 101 – Calling in your soul tribe + dream life once and for all.

Module 12: The Closing

  • To end our time together we will be hosting a sacred ceremony to honour the transformations we’ve all experienced over the past 3 months.

But wait, there’s bonuses!

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V.I.P Program Only
Lifetime Access + all future updates

3 x $499 aud

Extended payment plans available up to 12 months
  • 12 modules of teachings, powerful transmissions, subconscious reprogramming, sexual healings and embodiment practises all with the higher purpose of guiding you back to yourself & your pussy
  • Exclusive access to an incredible life changing sisterhood inside Telegram Messenger
  • 12 x 1.5 hour masterclasses (1 x live per week)
  • Gifted crystal dearmouring yoni wand
We Begin 18th of July
V.I.P + 1:1 Coaching
Lifetime Access + all future updates

3 x $766 aud

  • 12 modules of teachings, powerful transmissions, subconscious reprogramming, sexual healings and embodiment practises all with the higher purpose of guiding you back to yourself & your pussy
  • Exclusive access to an incredible life changing sisterhood inside Telegram Messenger
  • 12 x 1.5 hour masterclasses (1 x live per week)
  • Gifted crystal dearmouring yoni wand
  • Private telegram chat with me for further coaching
  • 2 x 3 hour Hypnotherapy sessions to heal a specific problem
  • 4 x 1 Hour coaching calls (For somatic embodiment healing or additional support and guidance between hypnosis reprogramming sessions)
We Begin 18th of July

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of the live calls are recorded and will be uploaded to the kajabi portal around 24 hours after. They will be uploaded for 1 year so you can go rewatch at any time.

All call times will be determined once all the members are inside so we can select a time that everyone can make it, as it’s a small group.

Absolutely, if you show me that you did the work each week & watched the modules. Showed up to the live calls and still didn’t enjoy it I will give you your money back of course.