This isn't just another course...

This is a journey into the soul.

This is an awakening to who you’ve always been.

You are about to embody the most pleasure filled, purpose driven version of yourself. 

What it means to be living in your divinity and femininity. 

This isn’t a course where you can sit on the side lines.

You have to be ready to put in the work to receive the codes and activations.

To be ready to find your pleasure through pain



The Transformation

Through subconscious reprogramming, trauma healing and embodiment work. You will leave this course with not only a deeper love for your mind, body and soul but an understanding of your life’s purpose and a beautiful sisterhood for ongoing support. Ready to create a life wilder than your wildest dreams?

What clients say

This is for you if..

This is for you if want to..

You feel like you’ve lost yourself and no longer know who you really are 

Feel aligned and in flow with your life. 

You are disconnected to your femininity and sensuality 

Feel turned on by all the pleasures life has to offer you 

You’re experiencing problematic periods / irregular menstrual cycles

Understand your feminine body and menstrual cycles on a deeper level 

You’re not sure of your purpose, but feel unfulfilled in your current work

Be sure of your life’s mission and feel safe to express your authentic self

You’ve lost your confidence and constantly self sabotage yourself

Clear lifelong trauma and find who you REALLY are 

You can’t hear your intuition and it’s inner guidance that you so crave 

Let your intuition guide you through life and have a deeper connection to your divinity

You have trouble setting boundaries and are always trying to people please

Be empowered in your boundaries and know your worth

What's included

9 weeks of healing and transformation with a group of supportive sisters all going through the journey together

There is something so powerful about having a group of women in a container together, all experiencing similar journeys and blocks within their lives This is for you if you’re craving friendship and to be seen, understood and supported every step of the way! 

2 x Live Calls per Week 

8 x Masterclasses / Healing Sessions 

9 x Wednesday Group Coaching Calls

Group community Voxer chat

Environment is EVERYTHING! They say you are the average of the top 5 people you surround yourself with…. If you’re surrounding yourself with negative people, your attracting more negativity into your life. To uplevel, you need to find expanders, to open your world up to new possibilities. Our group voxer chat has been created to keep your transformation going in between calls. To share experiences, lessons and triumphs. This is your space to be YOU!

Lifetime Access to all Reprogramming Hypnosis Recordings

The only reason why your currently not where you want to be, is because you have a limiting belief stopping you. A belief you most likely picked up in childhood. But good news for you, within VIP you will get lifetime access to all the hypnosis recordings not only for our 9 weeks together but far beyond, to keep up your subconscious reprogramming 

8 Modules of Transformation with a Lifetime Access (including any future updates)

It’s like the gift that keeps growing. As I continue to grow as a guide, you will continue to have access to all my teachings forever!

Free Human Design Reading w. Kirsten Morrison

Our human design charts give us an exact blueprint of our souls purpose. For Module 8, each VIP Member will be receiving a personalised human design reading that will carry you through the entire course of your life. Giving you a big fat permission slip to be YOU! 

The Modules

week 1

Meeting your future self

This week is all about getting clear on the woman you are becoming. Through subconscious reprogramming, you will start to live your life as if you already have upleveled. We will also be doing a lot of clearing of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you to make way for your new empowered way of thinking. 

week 2

Stepping into your confidence

I believe that in order to be confident, you have to feel safe within your body. And for so many of us don’t. There are so many stressors in our lives; our jobs, our relationships, our commitments, OUR PHONES! We will be working together to create harmony in your body so you can feel safe to express all parts of yourself to the world.

week 3

Trauma 101 & healing your inner child

All of us have experienced trauma in our life whether we had the most amazing upbringing or not. This is because trauma isn’t an event, it’s how we perceive ourselves after. From the ages of 0 – 7 our brains were like sponges soaking in everything around us (good & bad). To change your life, you have to start by healing your inner child. 

week 4

Pussy & Intuition

There is so much untapped wisdom in your pussy. She is forever guiding you, like your own inner compass through life. But are you listening? This module is all about breaking down the barriers to connect with the divinity within. She’s waiting for you to say YES!

week 5

Your Menstrual Cycle

Whether you experience PMDD, period pain, irregular cycles or have a PERFECT period! You will leave week 5 with a new found love and admiration for your pussy. Understanding your cycles will not only enhance the relationship you have with your body, but also your career, relationships and life as a whole.

week 6

Past Life Trauma

Have trouble speaking your truth? Chances are you were a witch in a past life and hung for being authentically yourself! We all have many past lives and quite often unhealed trauma can seep into your current life without even knowing why. 

week 7

Feminine Embodiment

Trauma and emotional blocks can stay stagnant in our bodies, which is why feminine embodiment work is so crucial to your healing. The lower half of your body, your thighs, hips, pussys and womb all hold your pleasure centres. Ignite your life force energy through movement, breath and sound activations and unleash your wild woman within. 

week 8

Find your Purpose

I strongly believe that every single person came into this world with a purpose with skills and talents to match. However through growing up in a Western world, we’ve lost sight of our true mission in life. Or maybe we’re too scared to take the plunge and create that dream business out of fear of “failure”. This module will be taking a deep dive into your true life’s purpose. 

week 9

Meet your inner goddess

Remember that version of you, you envisioned in week 1? Now it’s time to BECOME HER! No more hiding, the world is ready to bare witness to you, so let yourself be seen.


1:1 Intimate call with Carlie Jade

  • 1 x 1 hour coaching call with me to get absolutely clear on the woman you are becoming and the things that need to shift in your life to become her!
    Valued at $300 

As I grow, you grow

  • Lifetime access to VIP Including ALL the updates! 

Reprogram your thoughts

  • Full access to all my hypnosis recordings to continue to reprogramming long after our 9 weeks together 

Are you ready to dive right in?

If you’re feeling scared to take the leap in investing in yourself and massively upleveling your life, just remember this. 

By sitting on the fence, or not jumping in at all….. All you’re doing is wasting time. 

Time is finite, we can never get it back.

And we aren’t on this earth forever. The sooner you do the inner healing the sooner you can get out of your own way to create a life wilder than your wildest dreams.

Would you like to feel your most confident, pleasure filled, purpose driven self a few months from now or a few years (or not at all?) 

The Investment

This is a soul activating course for those who are ready to invest and uplevel to the future version of themselves.


What you put in, you receive. So let’s dive in! 


This is an intimate course so limited spaces are available. 

Once completed, I’ll be in contact with you to organise a time to discuss the next steps on activating your journey. 

Our journey begins on the 16th of August 2021

My promise to you

I believe so deeply that this work is transformational that I’m offering a

100% money back guarantee

If you feel that you haven’t developed a deeper connection with yourself by the end of our journey. 


My promise to you is that you will leave this container with a deeper understanding of your body, your intuition & your souls purpose. 

That is how strongly I believe in this work! 

Meet Carlie Jade

My Why for creating [V.I.P]

Where you are right now, I’ve been there. I’m too familiar with the pain of waking up each day feeling lost and knowing I was destined for more but didn’t know where to start.

This is my journey I went on to become the version I am today. And I can honestly say, hand on my heart that I am the most purpose driven, aligned & pleasure filled version of myself, and I want to give you the opportunity to find that version of you too. She’s already within, we just have to go inside to find out.

I see so many of my clients who all have similar core reasons as to why they are experiencing blocks in their lives, because of childhood trauma. And most of them were not even aware of these beliefs that were stopping them in their tracks. So I created this tangible course to guide women back to themselves whilst being surrounded by a group of supportive women. This work means so much to me and I’ve seen it work for over 100 women in my 1:1 consults and it can work for you too.