Read the kind words of my incredible clients I get the pleasure to work with.

01. Nicole P. / Depression & anxiety

Prior to seeing Carlie, I was regularly (if not constantly) suffering from anxiety and depression. I had tried every traditional method under the sun in the hope of becoming more stable, but I always ended up back at square one. Just when I didn’t know what to do anymore, Carlie became an RTT practitioner, and I took that as a sign to try something completely new. RTT was unique because it changed my life. Carlie helped me uncover the root of my issues, and taught me that anxiety + depression are learned behaviours, not just states that I have to live in forever or issues that I’ll pass on to my kids. After my session and since listening to the personalised recording, I feel happier, more in control of my emotions and most importantly, I have hope for the future. I can finally start living my life, and I have Carlie to thank for that. I cannot recommend her enough. 


& you to get free yourself from this pain. The choice is yours.

02. Nicolle T. / Sexual trauma & relationship issues

My RTT session with Carlie was nothing short of amazing. So great, in fact that I booked her again after the 21 days to help with another issue in a different area in my life. I’m now free of anxiety and the blocks that were holding me back from the past. Before I saw Carlie, I would constantly jump to the worst possible conclusions and this caused my relationship to start breaking down as my trust was gone. I chose Carlie as I love how open and honest and how she held space for me to release past limiting beliefs. I now feel like all the 20+ years of relationship baggage has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel like an entirely new person + not to mention my relationship is better than ever! And I have so much direction in my life now, things are so clear for me. I would recommend Carlie, she is trustworthy and genuine. I feel like this “healing” industry can get a bad perception from people who don’t understand what they are doing, and I don’t think its something everyone can do but Carlie as the unique gift and I encourage you to start your own transformational journey!

03. Holly / IBS

Carlie is a bright, positive young woman, with a warm and welcoming nature. I instantly felt at ease with her, along with an instant connection during my RTT experience. Carlie welcomed me into her home, which was a light, airy and calming environment, exactly what I needed, as I had never experienced a RTT session before and was already feeling nervous. I came to see Carlie as I was experiencing issues with IBS symptoms that were triggered by my anxiety, which had been thrown into full force during the 2020 global pandemic. Before attending the session, I was incredibly reluctant to eat food regularly as I was scared of the symptoms I was experiencing, such as intense bloating, stomach pain and nausea, amongst other things, almost on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis. Going into the session, I had an open mind and a genuine curiosity on how this treatment would help me heal, but I did not expect a miracle, as I am at the end of the day, a realist.

I am 21 days post session now and I am genuinely shocked to see how much of an impact the session has already had on my symptoms and my general well being. All of my IBS symptoms are completely gone. The session in itself was an emotionally powerful experience and is something that I would suggest that anyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime. Carlie has a natural gift and ability in her field of practise, as well as a maternal and nurturing soul. I would absolutely recommend Carlie’s services to anyone and will definitely be returning to see her in the future. Thank you so much for your help and support in this journey toward better health Carlie.

04. Ashlea / Motivation

Prior to my session with Carlie, I really struggled with motivation and completing everyday tasks with regards to my
studies and health goals (i.e. cooking a healthy meal instead of take out, working on an assignment, going to the
gym). I knew all the right things to do but had no idea why there was always this huge mental blockage around it all.
I chose Carlie because of her bubbly, warm personality and her ability to make you feel extremely safe and
comfortable during the RTT session. I had heard that hypnotherapy can be quite confronting if you have trauma so
it’s a very vulnerable experience and I think Carlie is the perfect person to guide you through that.

The best thing about my RTT Session was the empowerment I felt after it and the release of all these feelings of guilt/shame that I didn’t even know I carried around on such an unconscious level in my day to day life. I felt like myself again and so in control of my life and that I could finally let go of things that no longer served me.
The very next day after my session with Carlie, I jumped out of bed with the most energy I’ve had in a long time. I created a regular morning routine which includes meditation and journaling, walked my puppies and made myself a healthy breakfast. This breakthrough was HUGE for me as I had previously spent the better part of 12 months snoozing my alarm, waking up to scrolling social media, and skipping breakfast because I was always in a rush and had no time. I also have experienced huge milestones in other areas of my life that I didn’t even expect – it was like I learned to love and respect myself again and quit bad habits such as binge/comfort eating, watching too much TV and not moving my body enough. I felt these results IMMEDIATELY and it still blows my mind!!
I would recommend Carlie to all my friends and family! A thousand times yes!! I cannot recommend Carlie enough for all the above reasons! Life changing! Carlie is such a sweet and beautiful soul and you feel surrounded in this aura of healing energy in her presence 🙂

05.kathy / sexual trauma

Before I met Carlie I had had a lifetime of devoting myself to the idea that I was not enough, I was trapped in my body and trapped in my relationship and trapped in life in general with no way out.  I am now 44 and have been seeing psychologists and even a psychiatrist and taking medication on and off for depression and anxiety since I was 19 years old. I knew what my “hangups” were but I didn’t know what to do about them or how to change. I was very nervous seeing Carlie and of course debated in my head if I was worth spending money on my problems. I was so scared of falling apart and crying. I had nothing to worry about…Carlie made me immediately feel comfortable and I ended up crying like a baby with my make up staining the pillow under my head. The session was nothing short of life changing, I unearthed a memory in the session which was otherwise repressed/forgotten. It was terrifying to remember but it was a missing piece in my life which explained so many of my issues and phobias. And under Carlie’s guidance I left the session feeling as though this memory was complete, I didn’t feel angry or scared or bitter, just awe at how amazing the mind is. In the 21 days since my session my life has opened up in so many was with so much ease.

I have gone from being a prisoner with no choices to being empowered to make choice and pull down the bars in my prison. I get to choose my emotions, I get to choose my thoughts, I get to choose how I react to situations, I get to choose what I am willing and what I am not willing to accept in relationships. I have gone from accepting any old shit in relationships because I should just be grateful for any attention to setting boundaries. I have gone from a decade of procrastination in relation to starting an online business because I’m not good enough and I’ll just waste my time and money to knowing I am good enough and worth the time, money and effort and have jumped in with no regrets. I have gone from feeling trapped to feeling alive. My relationship with my kids has improved because Mummy is much more relaxed and engaged and fun and confident. I have gone from completely rejecting my femininity and not allowing myself even the opportunity to touch myself or feel pleasure to now I am willing to start exploring my sexual side one tiny step at a time, which is huge for me. I have made steps to seek medical help for a disease I have, which previously I had decided was too expensive to even try. I have gone from avoiding my reflection in public to giving myself a cheeky wink when I see my reflection in public. Not every day is like this…some days I struggle just to affirm that I am enough but the difference now is I push through and I don’t give up on the tough days because I know I am worth the effort and I am enough and I understand there’ll always be ebb and flow and not to give up. I can not recommend Carlie high enough, she is brilliant, you’ll love her and change your life

06. Ariana / Confidence & Self Worth

Before my RTT session with Carlie I had low self-esteem and confidence/ not believing I am good enough or as smart as the other people in my life. I think what made my session special was how kind and warm you were. It made me feel really comfortable and relaxed in my session. It was really lovely that you read the quote from the book Period Power, it felt really personal and tailored to me I felt as though the work we did together was so powerful. I cried the entire time! Which was so healing for me – I had no idea that I had so many trapped emotions – and because of you they were all able to bubble to the surface and I felt a million times lighter energetically after our session. My confidence has definitely sky rocketed! My whole attitude towards myself has improved. To begin with there were many times throughout the day when parts of the recording popped into my mind and it was just a nice reminder to check in with how I am feeling. For the most part, it was a nice reassurance that I am on track and it made me notice the way I reacted to certain situations was changing and improving. I would definitely recommend you to others, in fact I already have told my friends they should get a session. RTT 1 million percent works and I think it would be really beneficial to everyone! Going in not really knowing what to expect, I felt as though I was guided through the experience in a really comfortable and relaxing way. I would just like to say thank you for everything you have done for me! I am confident going into my training now and I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds!

07. Nicole P. / Anxiety & unhealthy toxic relationships

I came to see Carlie for my childhood trauma specifically that I knew I needed healing, which affected a lot of areas of my adult life including but not limited to anxiety, codependency, low self esteem, depression, unhealthy/toxic relationships and lack of boundaries. What made Carie’s service so special, was the care she provided. I have attended many therapy sessions but I felt so safe and cared for during our time together and after. Her energy is so genuine, honest and warm. I instantly felt like I could open up and work through my issues. The best part of the session was getting to the root cause of my issues, acknowledging and addressing them. I have been to therapy for years and haven’t reached those deeper issues. I feel like I understand myself better and why my experiences affected me the way they did. I am kinder to myself and can identify toxic behaviours very quickly. I trust myself more and am learning to build my self esteem by listening to myself and stop self negative talk. I recommend Carlie to everyone! It is honestly her nature. I know she would take care of my family and friends during their sessions and they would benefit from your gentle and caring approach. The transformation is ongoing. I had immediate changes to my mindset and every day I can feel certain areas of my mind changing or strengthening. I think Carlie’s service is priceless and everyone would benefit from it. I am so glad I decided to do it. Thank you Carlie.

RTT is by far the best investment I’ve ever made in my life!
Madison H

08. Ashleigh / motivation

Before my RTT Session with Carlie, I was severely lacking motivation and having trouble with my periods. Carlie is so passionate about what she does and it really shows in the way she conducts herself. She was gentle, understanding and I felt so comfortable while working with her. The best thing about my RTT session was the realisation and understanding of the root causes to my issues. All of a sudden so many things made sense! The motivation I felt after my session was incredible! I have a baby who wakes often through the night and even though I was seriously sleep deprived, after my session I had the most motivation I’d had in a long time. Without Carlie’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my course! I would 100% recommend Carlie to others. I feel like RTT is an incredible tool that so many can benefit from. Carlie has the ability to perform the work equivalent to years of therapy in a single session!

I felt so relaxed post-session

that I in fact, experienced a number of incredible orgasms with my partner later that evening.

09. Monica / Emotional Trauma & abandonment

Before my RTT session, I faced ongoing emotional trauma to do with my parents divorce, and also experienced rejection and abandonment in relationships during my teens/twenties. I’m now in my thirties, and fortunate to be in a committed relationship. As beautiful as it is to experience vulnerability and unconditional love with another human being, I have also experienced continued spouts of anxiety (haunted by those fears of being abandoned or rejected by my partner). I wanted to try RTT because it sounded like a direct method to address and overcome my fear of rejection and abandonment. I had previously met with psychologists which was genuinely helpful experience however; I was intrigued by hypnotherapy and thought “why not”. I found my RTT session with Carlie Fraser gentle, raw, and direct. Carlie was warm and informative before we started my session, and she was comforting throughout. I was even supplied with a personalised meditation to listen to post-session. The best thing about my RTT session was the feeling of releasing the trauma. I felt so relaxed post-session – that I in fact, experienced a number of incredible orgasms with my partner later that evening. I feel cured, in the way that I won’t feel held down or overwhelmed by these issues anymore. I would highly recommend an RTT session Carlie! I would also be open to doing another session, focusing on other areas like my diet and lifestyle.

08. Steph / Anxiety & Childhood Trauma

Before RTT ​I was faced with a lot of anxiety around daily tasks such driving and at times even leaving the house. I had a lot of self doubt and self esteem issues. I struggled with building a connection with loved ones due to past traumas that I had held on to my entire life. Our paths have crossed a few times in this life and I am absolutely sure they must have in past lives as well! I knew from any past experience that I had with you that you were a beautiful person inside and out and this made me feel connected and drawn to you. To see your passion and how much you truly believe in what you do is such a blessing and when our paths crossed this time I couldn’t possibly hold back from asking you to help me with these issues that I’d been facing on my own for many years. Something about you made me feel as if investing into myself would be worth it. The session itself was incredibly relaxing and moving at the same time. It was such a beautiful release of emotions. I felt safe, I felt heard, I felt loved and most of all I felt in control. I was able to start my journey of self love and I learnt to honour all of my emotions and not hold them back. Since my RTT session it feels as if a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. All of the negative feelings and traumas that I carried around for years are gone. I’m able to move forward with my life and focus on what really matters to me. Absolutely. One of the best things you can do is to invest in yourself and I couldn’t think of a better place to start. I’ve been to a lot of traditional talk therapy sessions which I believe has a time and a place but nothing has ever helped to heal my soul in the way that you have ❤️