Introduction to

Feminine Embodiment Coaching

A blend of classical tantra, neo tantra embodiment & sexuality practises as well as my own intuitive gifts that I use to guide clients back into their bodies for greater somatic healing.

Follow your own

Feminine Desire

Beautiful soul, it’s time to reclaim your truth, your divine feminine.

Each and every woman on this planet has a wild feminine within that is yearning to come out, to be seen, held and witnessed. She’s powerful, yet divinely grounded. She’s not afraid to speak her truth & embodies love and pleasure in all areas of her life. She feels safe within her body and love’s to express herself sexually, emotionally and somatically. She’s in flow with life and has a deep connection to the earth, her intuition & her menstrual cycle. She know’s her body is her greatest portal to more love, creativity, nourishment, orgasmic pleasure, abundance and healing. She dances through life and let’s her body lead and her mind follow. She follows her desires unapologetically. She is in deep service to her truth & innate wisdom within this mind, body & soul of hers.

Are you ready to reclaim her?

It’s no surprise that we live in a patriarchal society. A long time ago, men learnt that a woman that is sexually turned on by life, orgasmic & wildly rich is a fucking powerful woman. We’ve always had this innate connection with the non physical / spirituality that left men dumbfounded. So of course for centuries men worked really hard to suppress our powers.

But not any longer.

My work aims to not only heal the client directly, but also her past lives and ancestral lineages before her. This is BIG work but it must be done. And I know that if you are reading this right now, you too are being called to rise up and remember your true feminine self.

You already are wildly orgasmic, fiercely abundant and incredibly gifted. You have been since you got to earth. What this work is…..

My Qualifications

200hr Feminine Embodiment & Tantra Facilitator Training @ The School of the Sacred Feminine Arts

I always thought I was very feminine, but what the western world depicts as feminine and what our true feminine really is, is two vastly different things. My first experience into tantra was nothing short of amazing. I was in a room full of incredible women, screaming, dancing and breathing together. I saw parts of myself I’ve never let out before. The pure rage and anger left me speechless, as in society I had the role of the “good girl” that’s happy 100% of the time. God forbid I show anger!!! The simple practises of sound, breathe and movement ignited every cell in my body and ever since that moment it’s been my life’s mission and purpose to keep embodying these ancient teachings within tantra and passing them onto my incredible clients.

A look inside..

It’s hard to put into words the power this work has, because the feminine is a felt sense. It’s quite like explaining an orgasm to someone who’s never had one. No matter what words you use, it wont capture exactly what you felt, because you felt it. This work is so vital that it has an impact of healing the collective consciousness of this earth, one feminine being at a time.
Below I’ve include an insight into some practises and topics I may include in our work together as a little teaser, but babe the potency of this work goes far beyond what you can read on this screen. However, if my words are sparking something within then I invite you to follow that curiosity….

  • Breath work to heal past traumas
  • Felt Sense Embodiment Practises
  • Blood Rituals – Harness the power of your menstrual cycle
  • Resourcing in your environment as a way of safety
  • Fear / Anger Somatic Practises
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Pleasure Anatomy
  • Pelvic Floor & Yoni Articulation 
  • Balancing your divine Feminine & Masculine energetics
  • Shadow Emotional Alchemy
  • Masculine & Feminine Purging
  • Embodied Boundaries 101
  • Breast Massage
  • Yoni De-armouring & Massage
  • Microcosmic Orbit Breathing
  • Channeling orgasmic energy through the 7 Chakras
And so much more!!
A note from Carlie

What I really feel this work is, is a remembering. There is nothing new you are learning here. These rituals and practises have been practised and honoured since the dawn of time. We were all once native wild women. However with the industrial revolution and the westernisation of the world we lost our true roots. We lost who we really are and our connection to source. It only makes sense that we are all here on earth during this monumental time. The pandemic of 2020 has forced us all into our true feminine.

The feminine is uncertain, she’s ever changing and constantly evolving. The feminine will force you to feel things you’ve been suppressing for years if not decades. The feminine will make you see your truth, no matter how painful it is. No matter what you have to loose or let go of in order to find her. The feminine doesn’t stick to a schedule or a clock. Or even a particular outcome. She’s here to find your divine essence, your embodied power and life force energy.

The pandemic was an invitation for you to choose your truth. Did you accept the invitation? To witness your shadows, to grow and evolve through the crumbling?

Chances are, if you’ve been called to my work you have.

So I welcome you sister. If we haven’t met yet I’m so excited to be guiding you on this path.