Past Life Regression MP3

Past Life Regression MP3


You have had many lives before this one. You could have had hundreds or thousands of lives. With each new life you’ve lived comes lessons, struggles, triumphs and beliefs. And you, my friend have brought memories from your past lives into this one today. Whether you are conscious of it or not.

Your past lives may point you in a direction of where your true authentic self lies. Why you have certain phobias and fears that you’ve always lived with. Why you have certain blocks in your life that you can’t get past no matter what you do.

Sometimes our past lives can come to us in dreams or feel like de ja vu, like you have been here before, a knowing….

Some bring patterns, behaviours, memories or traumas to release. Some bring reminders of your greatest strengths and abilities. And some you bring forward to simply experience again for deeper learning.

We all have our own unique history stored within us, it’s just waiting for us to uncover it.

By using Hypnotherapy you’ll connect these memories to your passions, fears, beliefs, patterns, and significant places and eras to gain a deeper understanding of what lessons these memories are presenting to you. When you know the Lessons, you can begin to heal.


  • MP3 Format
  • 49 Minutes long
  • No expiry date
  • Be taken back to 3 different lifetimes
  • Learn who you were before this lifetime
  • Uncover how many past lives you’ve had in total
  • Connect the dots and possibly uncover your souls purpose
  • You can go back and listen as many times as you like
  • Do not listen when driving or using heavy machinery


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