Perfect Periods Hypnosis MP3

Perfect Periods Hypnosis MP3


If you have irregular, painful or non existent periods then this is the hypnosis recording for you. For women, our hormonal imbalances can cause havoc on all areas of our lives. This can effect us mentally, physically and emotionally. But here’s the thing…. Your mind only wants to do one thing. To keep you safe. Somewhere in your life there is a high chance that you have told your mind that you wanted this.

For example:

  • In high school, praying that you don’t become a teen mum & your period disappears. 
  • Watching your mum from a early age have severe cramps during her period so that’s all you’ve ever known.

Think of your mind as the best personal assistant you’ll ever have. Except it takes everything you say literally and never forgets a thing. But good news! This recording will help you work in tandem with your mind,  so you two can work together to create your perfect cycle.

This recording will help reprogram your mind and let go of limiting beliefs that may have been stored in there for decades. Our minds only learn by repetition, so make sure you listen to this recording for at least 21 days!


  • MP3 Format
  • 28 Minutes long
  • No expiry date
  • Listen to recording at once a day – more for a faster effect
  • You can fall asleep whilst listening, your subconious is still taking in the words.
  • Listen for at least 21 days consecutively
  • Do not listen when driving or using heavy machinery




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