I see you.

I’ve been where you are.

I too, have felt lost and confused. Unable to speak up and use my voice. 

I too, have experienced physical and emotional pain.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I want to show YOU the way to free yourself and step into your untamed feminine essence.

I want to guide you to meet your whole authentic self.  

Who I was & who I am now

  • I was once a woman who worked 70+ hours a week for a corporation that did not value me. And in the process of putting this business before myself I developed cystic acne, crippling anxiety, inflammation in my whole body oh and not to mention it was normal for me to only survive off 3 mugs of coffee a day, no real food + literally not visit the bathroom for a #2 for two weeks (this isn’t a joke). 
  • I was once a woman who let absolutely any man into her life (and in-between her legs) in the hope to fill a void within her heart that she hadn’t healed from childhood.
  • I was once a woman who thought she didn’t have a voice. That what she had to say didn’t matter. 
  • I am now a woman that puts her physical, mental & spiritual health first. 
  • Im a woman that unapologetically shows up for herself, time and time again
  • I’m a woman who live’s in her empowered feminine essence who values pleasure and play
  • I’m a woman who leads with her intuition 
  • I’m a woman who harnesses her menstrual cycle to enhance all areas of her life. 
  • I’m a woman who is in love with herself. 
  • I’m a woman who is in love with LIFE!

Thank you for firstly being here. Nothing is a coincidence and there is a specific reason as to why you have been called to look further into Rapid Transformational Therapy. And there is no need to look any further as I am your GO-TO girl for all things hypnosis and reprogramming your mind to create a life fully in flow with your feminine essence. 

Let’s get the formalities out of the way! I live in Brisbane, Australia with my Fiance and Golden Retriever Kophie. If you’re into astrology, I am an aquarius sun, cancer rising & capricorn moon. I’m obsessed with healthy nourishing food and constantly thinking about what my next meal is. I live too much in my feminine and just flow through life. I’ve had 600 past lives and my lesson this life is to speak my truth. So here we are. 

I guess like most light workers in the world, from a very early age I always felt called to help people and I hated watching people in pain mentally, physically or emotionally. Growing up and early adulthood, I would constantly have people I’ve just met or known for years telling me their problems and every bone in my body just wanted to help them, cure them somehow but I had no idea how. Until I found RTT. 

I heard about RTT on a podcast surprisingly enough, and being a generator as soon as I heard of this amazing method created by Marisa Peer I was lit up, reactivated almost. It felt like a coming home, an awakening.

After leaving my job as a Wedding and Event Manager for numerous boutique hotel chains I dived straight into RTT full time and have never looked back. 

I believe that we are all our own healers, our own lightworkers. Everything is within us, to heal ourselves. RTT is just a beautiful guide to get you there, to bring up the trauma so you can step into your most authentic self. 

I help women & men all over the world heal their trauma and empower them to create the life of their dreams. Although my love and passion is with the female reproductive system (fertility, periods etc) I help people with a whole range of challenges because at the end of the day if you relate to me, then we’re the perfect fit!

Our souls chose for us to be here at this time, to come through our parents, to have specific experiences. And there is no way you can go through life without having a traumatic experience, but trauma is meant to be healed. You are meant to be here.

Let me help you, find you…

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