Hypnotherapist and Coach for

Femme Leaders in Business & Life

I offer a unique style of coaching combining subconscious reprogramming & tantric practises for multidimensional women looking to find their truth and live a life full of pleasure, purpose & prosperity.

Beautiful soul, is this you?

  • You are a healer, coach, mentor or a gifted entrepreneur with a divine vision. You have so much magic you want to share with the world but trauma, limiting subconscious beliefs and being disembodied in your sexuality and pleasure leaves you feeling stuck and frustrated.
  • You’ve tried the old masculine paradigm of working hard which led to burnout & you’re ready to welcome in more feminine flow and prosperity into your life.
  • You crave a deeper connection to your divine feminine intuition to help you make more sovereign choices in your business and personal life.
  • You are ready to dive into the deep end and heal lifelong & ancestral trauma to finally embody your full unapologetic truth.
If it is, i’m the mentor for you babe.
Beautiful soul, are you ready to live a life full of pleasure, purpose & prosperity?
The path of the feminine

is the only path back home, to you.

01. Pleasure

To find pleasure is to go through pain. One doesn’t exist without the other. We can’t grow and evolve into the version of ourselves we desire if we’re not ready to feel the depths of pain. This work isn’t for the faint hearted. To journey into the soul and embody all of our deepest shadows and traumas is the only way out. If you desire more pleasure, love and ecstasy in your life, first we have to find what is blocking you in the first place. I believe pleasure is the portal to living the life of your dreams.

02. Purpose

My work helps healers and entrepreneurial leaders to uncover the true versions of themselves. Not what society expects of them, but rather who they are at their core under the societal conditioning and programs. Your purpose is not outside of yourself, all of your talents and gifts are already within. Your purpose is something that needs to be remembered, not taught. So I welcome you into my world if you’re ready for an awakening into your divine truth. The power that is already within is exactly what this world needs.

03. Prosperity

Prosperity isn’t just about money, it’s about living a rich life in every way. How you do sex, is how you do life. And your relationship with money is also a direct reflection of your relationship with sex. It’s all connected my love, there’s no hiding. Following the path of the feminine will bring great awareness to your darkest shadows as quite often the missing pieces of your prosperity lies in the depths of your insecurities.

Take a look inside

My Coaching Containers

Each client of mine is vastly unique and for that reason I don’t stick to one standard protocol or structure within my coaching containers. By combining my training & experience in hypnotherapy, trauma release, tantra & neo tantric embodiment practises I’m equipped with the tools and knowledge to help my clients in a way that deeply serves them. The feminine is in flow with life & she is ever changing. As you grow and evolve I will be able to flow with you and provide the tools you need at that time to grow and shape shift into your truth.

However, for my ladies that love a little teaser. See below for a taste of what to expect to be in my energy.

  • Shadow & Emotional Alchemy
  • Identifying & Overcoming Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
  • Healing Life Long Trauma Through the Mind, Body & Soul
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Breathwork
  • Feminine & Masculine Purges
  • Hypnosis and Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Channeling Orgasmic Energy 
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Blood Rituals
  • Embodied Boundaries
  • Sacred Manifestation
  • Listening to your intuition and Intuitive Downloads
  • Emotional Releases
  • Self Pleasure Practises
  • Harmonising the Relationship with your Yoni
  • Non-Linear Movement
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg 😉


3 & 6 Month Coaching Containers Include


MEET YOUR mentor

Hey, beautiful soul!

I’ve created a unique method of healing by combining my training in Hypnotherapy, teachings in Tantra & Neo-Tantra styles and my own person intuitive gifts as a healer. Early on in my career I came to realise that healing isn’t linear and definitely not a one size fits all approach. I work with my clients closely by creating a uniquely tailored protocol for each goddess that combines healing of the mind, body and soul.

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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?


What is Feminine Embodiment?


About me

IN THIS container you will…
  • Be able to go back to the root causes and reasons as to why you are experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual blocks within your life and business.
  • Release not only your trauma but generational trauma, healing lineages and freeing yourself for total liberation.
  • Heal the relationship with your body and pussy. You will strengthen your intuition and come back to your truth once and for all.
  • Embody your true feminine pleasure, creating a life wilder than your wildest dreams knowing you are worthy of total ecstasy and prosperity in every area of your life.

The fact that you have desires means you deserve them…
What are you waiting for?

the results are in…

Monica says…

Before my RTT session, I faced ongoing emotional trauma to do with my parents divorce, and also experienced rejection and abandonment in relationships during my teens/twenties. I’m now in my thirties, and fortunate to be in a committed relationship. As beautiful as it is to experience vulnerability and unconditional love with another human being, I have also experienced continued spouts of anxiety (haunted by those fears of being abandoned or rejected by my partner). I wanted to try RTT because it sounded like a direct method to address and overcome my fear of rejection and abandonment. I had previously met with psychologists which was genuinely helpful experience however; I was intrigued by hypnotherapy and thought “why not”. I found my RTT session with Carlie Fraser gentle, raw, and direct. Carlie was warm and informative before we started my session, and she was comforting throughout. I was even supplied with a personalised meditation to listen to post-session. The best thing about my RTT session was the feeling of releasing the trauma. I felt so relaxed post-session – that I in fact, experienced a number of incredible orgasms with my partner later that evening. I feel cured, in the way that I won’t feel held down or overwhelmed by these issues anymore. I would highly recommend an RTT session Carlie!. “

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices start from $1000 per month. Payment plans are available. After the application is submitted I will be able to send you payment options.

At this point in time no as I am currently travelling. Once I’m settled in one place I may open my RTT sessions to be in person so please send me a message if you would prefer in person as I will be able to best advise.

Absolutely babe! We can keep on riding this juicy orgasmic train together for however long you want.

You can, but as a service to you & me I am able to use much more of my gifts and passions with women wanting to either start a business or take it to the next level. I find I connect and help women in business much more based of past experience.