A 21 day bootcamp created for the woman who is ready to uncover her divine purpose & create a life that truly turns her on!


  • You are sick & tired of waking up everyday with the dread of going to a job that doesn’t light your soul on fire.
  • You’ve recognised that you constantly put your work before your own health, exercise & relationships and it’s causing you to burn out, quickly.
  • You know that there is more to life than what is in your current reality.
  • You feel like something is missing in your life, a part of you that you crave deeply.
  • You want to know the reason as to why you’re here on this earth & what gifts and talents you we’re born with.
  • You want to uncover your purpose so you can be of great service in this world.
  • You want to make a difference in people’s lives & create a big difference in your own as a by-product.

I know, because I’ve been there too beautiful. Since uncovering my purpose my life completely changed for the better. Which is why I created Fire & Desire,

for you x


Every single person on this planet is born with a purpose & all the answers

are already within you


Fire & Desire 21 day bootcamp beings:

Beautiful soul,

Imagine a world where you…

  • Live in alignment to your purpose and truth and make a huge impact in this world because of it.
  • Wake up everyday energised & excited for the day ahead.
  • Your relationships are flourishing because you are in love with your work and it’s no longer something that drains your life force energy.
  • Are rewarded by honouring your purpose, people want to pay you and crave to work with you. And you call in so much prosperity into your life, just by being you.
  • You get to create your own schedule. How much you work, how much you play & revolutionise your life into something you once thought was a dream.
  • Have such a strong intuition you let your inner knowing guide you and the way you share your gifts with the world.

Carlie if truly a gift to this earth
Honestly, the biggest thing Carlie has gifted me was helping me find my voice & identity again. I found love & confidence in myself which has been lost for many years. I am following what lights me up & through the connection to my intuition I have found purpose & direction in my life/career.
Past client
Gabby F.
This course was everything I needed!
Before I started, I was waking up with night terrors & energetically at a low point. I felt drained. Now I’m blooming wildly & unapologetically. I have all the answers I didn’t even know I needed & the permission slip to choose me. If you are thinking about discovering yourself, this is for you!
Past client



A breakdown of each day

Day 1 – My Why

  • First we get clear on WHY you want to uncover your purpose. What is your intention behind following your deepest desires & honouring your divine gifts.

Day 3 – The Investigation

  • We often overlook the things that come easy to us because we think everyone has this skill too. We remind ourselves that “we’re not that special” when really it’s quite the opposite. We will be putting our detective glasses on today and taking a deep dive into the gifts you already embody but are too blind to see.

Day 5 – It’s Written in the stars

  • Like you’ve heard me say before… you were BORN with your gifts. They are already within. Day 5 we dive into your Human Design / Natal chart / Myer Brings & Numerology charts to gain clarity on what your purpose really is.

Day 7 – A day in the life

  • Let your subconscious take you through a day in the life as your next level self.

Day 9 – Body leads – Mind Follows

  • Here we allow our body to lead us to our purpose. We learn to quiet the mind to allow the true wisdom of our soul to shine.

Day 11 – The Un-Becoming

  • Your purpose is already within. We just need to shed the layers of limiting beliefs and subconscious programming to uncover your untainted truth. It’s not outside of yourself – it’s within.

Day 13 – Embody your fear

  • There’s nothing like meeting your fears head on so they don’t have any power over you… right? Today is all about feeling your fear, acknowledging it but not running from it. Because our fear is only here to keep us safe – it’s here to keep us alive.

Day 15 – Being of service

  • Everyone helps someone & your purpose is tied to the fact that you are here today to be of service to this world. Here we meet your target market, the people who you are specifically helping and HOW you are helping them. Powerful work!

Day 17 – Sex Magic

  • Learn how to harness sexual energy to magnetise your desires to you in a way that feels juicy and expansive. As a feminine being, our energy is naturally receptive. We don’t have to work so hard in order for our manifestations to come true, and I’ll share with you how.

Day 19 – Gratitude

  • Gratitude is one of the HIGHEST frequencies. Embody gratitude for all that you have & what is coming and you will receive more

Day 21 – Embody your purpose

  • Here we harness the masculine to get clear on the action steps to live within our purpose & the feminine energetics to allow us to do that in flow and alignment.

Day 2 – Honouring your inner child

  • We go back to your childhood via hypnosis to see what truly lit you up before someone told you that… “That’s not a real job” or “You’ll never make money doing that – get a real job”. You we’re born knowing your purpose however someone, somewhere or something made you believe that this wasn’t available to you. Here we go back to your truth, under all that programming.

Day 4 – Surrender to the unknown

  • We go back to your childhood via hypnosis to see what truly lit you up before someone told you that… “That’s not a real job” or “You’ll never make money doing that – get a real job”. You we’re born knowing your purpose however someone, somewhere or something made you believe that this wasn’t available to you. Here we go back to your truth, under all that programming.

Day 6 – Detox & Desire

  • Gain the clarity you need by getting rid of all distractions. Learn how to receive downloads from universal intelligence.

Day 8 – Expanders

  • You are the average of the top 5 people you hang out with…. Ask yourself, is that serving you or keeping you stagnant in where you are?

Day 10 – Victim Consciousness

  • Are you addicted to being the victim in your own reality? Are you waiting for someone to come save you from your mess? New flash… they ain’t coming. Step out of your victim state into empowerment with my unique practises.

Day 12 – Pussy Purpose

  • Pussy knows… She always knows. Here we connect to your pussy intuition to strengthen your own inner compass that guides you along your path to your purpose. Self trust is the most vital aspect of embodying your truth.

Day 14 – Your words create your reality

  • Here we take a deep dive into all the excuses you tell yourself and the people around you as to why you “can’t” go after your dreams. Why being wealthy & abundant is something that is not available to you.

Day 16 – Dear future self

  • Today is all about writing yourself a letter, dated to be open 1 year from now. What you desire – hope and crave for your life and how you are going to step up and take inspired action to create that reality.

Day 18 – Community

  • Today is all about facing the people we hide from. Maybe we hide certain people from viewing our stories or scared to express our full unapologetic selves in the fear of what others might think or say. We allow ourselves to be seen by the people we fear the most.

Day 20 – You are unique

  • You are unique + that’s your super power. Understand what really sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.
& So much more from our live calls & special guests!


  • 12 month access to Fire & Desire to go back to continue the work after the 21 days
  • Invited into an exclusive facebook community with other likeminded sisters who are all on the path to finding their purpose.
  • 21 modules of teachings, powerful transmissions, subconscious reprogramming recordings and embodiment practises all with the higher purpose of guiding you back to yourself.3
  • 3 x Live 1.5 hour calls / 1 call per week over the 21 days

Only $222 aud

But wait, there’s bonuses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of the live calls are recorded and will be uploaded to the kajabi portal around 24 hours after. They will be uploaded for 1 year so you can go rewatch at any time.

All call times are in AEST unless stated.

Live call 1: Saturday 16th of April at 11am AEST

Live call 2: Thursday 21st of April at 11am AEST

Live call 3: Saturday 30th of April at 11am AEST

I do have full trust in my work however in the case that you don’t feel fulfilled after a month of my work, I’m happy to offer you a full refund.

Each day from the 11th of April until the 3rd of May you will receive a new teaching in the kajabi portal at 4am AEST. Each teaching wont take you over an hour to complete so create an hour a day in your schedule to devote to this practise.

The results are in…

Tash says…

The biggest highlight for me was showing up each week with the most amazing group of women! To hear them and to be listened to by them, it was really something special. Celebrating each others wins, supporting each others hardships. Each week and each masterclass was so unique and it was so special to be part of such a supportive group of women, all going through our own unique journeys.

Attended v.i.p 2021