I help women alchemise trauma and pain into ecstasy & embodied feminine pleasure

Meet Carlie Jade

Hypnotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach
I’m so happy you’re here

If you’ve stumbled across my page, then babe it’s meant to be, nothing is a coincidence. Now I ain’t your regular hypnotherapist or coach. I’m a multi dimensional woman and have many different layers to me with many different gifts and talents that I embody into my work.

I have this way of attracting in clients that see themselves in me & I too see myself in them. My soul clients feel like long lost sisters rather then mentor & mentee. I work with women who know that they are destined for more than what is in their current reality. Women who know that they deserve to live a life full of pleasure and ecstasy but currently feel too unsafe in their bodies to welcome in more pleasure into their life. I attract women who crave abundance and want to make a successful career out of their passions and gifts but not quite sure where to start. I’m here for the multi dimensional women who know’s she’s worthy of everything she desires but needs a loving hand to get her there.


My Why

I’m all too familiar with the pain of being dis-embodied, living in a freeze response and letting my childhood trauma overtake my life. Before I found RTT (Hypnotherapy) & Tantra I was constantly looking outside of myself for love & gratification. It was as if people pleasing was my middle name. It’s been a long journey back home to myself, to feel safe within my own body again. But I’ve learnt how to alchemise and create beauty through the pain. Which is why I’m here today, to help you do the same.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a great awakening happening right now. Women are finding their voices, their purpose & their pleasure. They are finding peace within themselves and co-creating a life that is full of ecstasy and prosperity. They are recognising their deep calling back to spirituality, and most importantly back to themselves. I know I have been put here in this monumental time to help women just like you, to find their true feminine selves & open themselves up to manifest a life wilder than their wildest dreams.

Get to know me


Paris & New York

favorite tv show to binge

New Girl

MY birth chart

☉ Aquarius, ☾ Capricorn, ↑ Cancer

Human Design

Generator | 2/4 profile | Specific Manifestor

A perfect day looks like

Lot’s of dancing outside, by the beach, good tunes, self pleasure & cooking scrumptious food

COFFEE order

Sticky Chai made on coconut milk


Whenever I’m dancing or inside a infrared sauna


Falling asleep as soon as any movie starts

forever ON REPEAT

Anything Brent Faiyaz or Jorja Smith

My Fave book

Pussy by Mama Gena + Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston


  • Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (Hypnotherapy) by Marissa Peer
  • 200 Hour Feminine Embodiment facilitator training at The School of Sacred Feminine Arts

I believe in…



It’s easy to live a miserable life, but pleasure is a discipline. And once we welcome more pleasure into our life (in and out of the bedroom) we welcome in more flow & ease.



I strongly believe that each and every person came onto this planet at this time with a divine purpose. And until we find our true purpose, life may feel like something is missing…



Once we welcome more pleasure and life force orgasmic energy into our lives, and we are living within our purpose….. Then the money flows straight to you honey. It’s that simple.