Coaching with Carlie Jade

My coaching program is for clients who want to fast track their progress and access an even deeper level of emotional, spiritual & physical healing.

It’s for women who are craving a deeper connection with not only  themselves but their unique goddess within. Women that want to awaken their true pussy power!

This coaching program is for women ready to uncover life long limiting beliefs and practices to become embodied within their true essence.

I know you are here right now because you have this deep knowing that you are destined for more.

  • More Abundance
  • More pleasure
  • More confidence
  • More purpose
  • More play
  • More joy!

Are you ready?

My purpose in this life is to guide women just like you back to themselves. 

To show you how to trust your intuition, to love your menstrual cycle and uncover your unique gifts to live a life fully in feminine flow. 

Below I’ve listed a few topics I cover regularly with my clients but if yours isn’t listed don’t worry as every session is unique to what you need in that moment. 

Female menstrual cycle 
Love + relationships
Confidence + Self Love
Finding your purpose 
Trusting your intuition
Increasing sex drive + pleasure
Trauma & emotional clearing
Anxiety + Depression

The Awakening Package

This package was designed for women ready to dip their toes in and get a taste before diving straight into the deep end. These 1:1 coaching sessions can be booked on a week to week basis or whenever you feel called.


1 x 1 Hour coaching call via zoom

Valued at $99aud inc. gst

The Transformational Package

Are you ready for rapid transformation in all areas of your life? This is the package for the women ready to go ALL IN and invest in themselves for a 30 day container !


1 x RTT 2 hour Hypnosis session

3 x 1 Hour coaching calls via zoom

Private voxer chat with me for 30 days


What my clients say

RTT was one of the best investments I have ever made in my life fullstop!
Carlie has the ability to perform the work equivalent to years of therapy in a single session!