Today’s episode is all about harnessing your cycle for productivity so you get to work LESS and achieve MORE!


  • Circadian rhythms vs. Infradian rhythms
  • The female monthly hormonal cycle vs the male 24 hour hormonal cycle 
  • Why using your cycle will allow you to work less and achieve more
  • The 4 Seasons (Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter)
  • Tips and tricks through each phase 
  • Resources to help you on your own educational journey.  


In the FLO: by Alisa Vitti

Period Power: by Maisie Hill

The Optimized Woman: by Miranda Gray

Womancode: by Alisa Vitti

Period Repair Manual: by Lara Briden

The Pill: by Jane Bennett / Alexandra Pope

Wild Power: by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Code Red: by Lisa Lister

How to take charge of your fertility: by Toni Weschler

The fifth vital sign: by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

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